photoGlowing future is a charitable organisation, borne out of passion to see every home free of violence, especially in circumstances where cultural perceptions and beliefs and religion makes it difficult for victims to speak up. We work with other organisations and plea to individuals to refer this group of people to join our support groups where other victims and survivors irrespective of background and ethnicity share their experiences and benefits of speaking up.

The Founder, Mary Akangbe, herself a survivor of domestic violence knows first-hand that the impact of structured help and support when in or out of an abusive relationship cannot be under estimated.

We at glowing future are therefore committed to empowering people through education and awareness to speak up and get help.

The team consists of Survivors and practitioners in the area of relationship abuse and family support. We strive to provide specifc, tailor-made plans, help and support in a confidential and safe environment as no two situations are the same.
You will ultimately be able to take control of the situation, overcome fear and be inspired to make relevant life changing decisions free from abuse, to achieve full potential and live a fulfilling life.


Brave is our youth initiative, aimed at teenagers in general to educate them about teen dating and how to identify and deal with abuse in their relationships. We work in collaboration with agencies that specialize in Youth activities to provide innovative and engaging programmes to get our message across and also support counselling and relevant help for children in or out of abusive homes through part or wholly funding such.

Studies indicate that almost one million children in Britain are affected by domestic violence and 4 in 5 families affected do not get help.

We will strive to give these Youth the opportunity of work experience placement and mentorship with our Partners, to equip and empower them to be leaders and grow up to be positive role models.